Our Story

Since 1965.........

to today, offering the highest quality at the brest price. 

 "Mesticheria del Borgo" was first opened in  1965 by an ex painter, in  via Mazzini 53 (the original via Emilia). 20 Years later Mr. Nerini cedes the activity and leaves it in the hands of yet another ex painter:  Casadio Edmondo, whom in 1995 is flanked by his son, Saul Casadio.

And with Saul starts a renewal and innovative phase that combines Edmondo's experience with his son's grit and determination. This alchemy gives way to the natural and expected change of hands from father to son in 2004.

In 2009, after 40 years, the shop transfers in a new and bigger setting, just a few center metres away from its original site.  

Always on the search of innovation and wanting to offer an increased service to its customers, in Jannuary 2017 Mesticheria del Borgo changes again its site, movingo to Via Avogradro 1, at the corner with via Torricelli. In its over 400 square metres, in an easily reachable location, apart from the selling point and ample warehous for construction materiales, a Show Room is created, an innovative concept in this sector. 

Besides, in 2017 Mesticheria del Borgo starts a new adventure, with the creation of its new website and offering the possibility of buying on-line, as always guaranteeing our high quality standards. 

MdB in an Authori rivenditore ufficiale dei produttori più prestigiosi a livello nazionale ed internazionale. Di Donato,Sayerlack Boldrini,Sikkens, Lithos, Owatrol...  sono solo alcuni esempi dei marchi che puoi trovare nel nostro punto vendita.