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   Decorative Paint

   Trendy decorative materials

Both the colour and the effect chosen for our walls are the basic items when styling a room. It is therefore of great importance to find the right combination between colour, material, light, furniture...

Choose the effect you want among our plasters, lime products and decorative materials of the brand Antica Signoria. For an amazing outcome match their decorative paints with a choice of over a thousand colours from IVC Home Decor's paint swatches. 

Both brands, who belong to the Di Donato group, offer state-of the art products aligned with new market trends and pay a close attention to environment through the European Certificates   ISO 9001 e ISO 14001

 Industry and Craftmanship

           Professional solutions for professional needs. 

We listen to your technical questions and requests so that together we can find the right solution for any need, thanks to our long experience and the high quality of our products. 

For specialised painting of wood, we offer you the complete SayerLack product list and its mono and bi component water and oil-based products, wereas Colorchimica is the right solution for metallic surfaces. 

To paint in an easy and quick way light alloys, metalls, plastics or details in car bodies, Motip Duplo offers you a broad range of Spray Paint in all RAL colours and for any kind of surface. 


Change your vision!

We offer technical support and visit the construction site to offer you the best materials, from mortar to paint, plasterboard and flooring solutions in PVC, as well as different accesories to complete your house or office. 

With a competitive price and easy installation, the laminate flooring and PVC adhesive floorings  of Lithos and Kobel will revolutionise your surroundings.

Confiding in Sikkens paints and enamels with its broad range of colours and dyes, of easy application, you'll finish the opera of transforming your rooms

DIY- Do it yourself

Professional products for everyone

You will be able to repair your old furniture and window fixtures thanks to Aguaplast's plasters, and give them a new light with the coloured impregnating water and oil based products of SayerLack Linea Blu, or the water-based enamels of Sikkens and IVC.

Get rid of the annoying and harmful mould giving thermo-resistance to your walls thanks to AtriaThermika  and Thermopaint products, modernizing their colour with one of the over thousand colours in IVC's Homedecor paint swatches. 

You will go beyond the boundries of your home and renew gates and iron gratins thanks to the protective anti-rust products of Veronese Antico and the range of Owatrol's products. 

You will discover you can easily use our professional products!

Tools, accesories and complements.  

The perfect solution to every need. 

There are no Best products without the help of specific specialized tools and accessories.

In Mesticheria del Borgo we confide only in the best producers and brands in our sector so as to guarantee the best quality.   

Pennellificio Boldrini, with both its Professional and Hobby products-line of paint-rollers and brushes for any type of product application; Mirka with its renowed abrasives to prepare the final surface and Tesa with its masking tapes to proctect surfaces.  Glues, silicones and double-side tapes complete our offer. 

In our shop you will find articles for compressed-air tools, such as compressors, and all kind of solutions for both professional and amateur use.